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Northwest Pilates & Yoga Centre uses Garuda, CHEK holistic lifestyle coaching, the time honoured principles established by Joseph Pilates and the ancient art of Yoga in a contemporary and progressive approach for the twentieth century.   

These disciplines combine to provide increased core strength and flexibility along with re-education of the body’s musculature, fascia, and movement patterns; allowing your body to achieve its natural alignment and support. Garuda Pilates & Yoga enables people to detect and correct imbalances that relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, minor injuries and other issues they meet in their daily life.

Garuda pilates classes of all levels and abilities

At North West Pilates & Yoga you will find that our Garuda Pilates Classes have a relaxed atmosphere that is both inviting and instructional and most importantly taught in small groups.

We believe that everyone is different with unique genetics and a unique set of life circumstances, our programming helps you face challenges and helps you reach your goals in a realistic, sustainable way.

Our certified instructors are carefully chosen and are dedicated to their work. Their extensive resumes ensure quality teaching of the methods. Each session focuses on form and technique coupled with the joy of movement – a philosophy that is helping all of our clients achieve their optimal goals.

North West Pilates & Yoga designs personal Pilates programmes to help you meet your health, performance, or fitness goals.

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The Pilates Studio introduction

At Northwest Pilates & Yoga centre , our Pilates introduction approach to fitness is not merely a series of exercises; it’s an education in body awareness and a way of life.

We have an amazing selection ozone to one programmes plus small group programming.

If you are looking to learn Pilates in St.Helens , we’ll work closely with you to create an energising fusion of mind and body. In a short time, you’ll develop an introduction to ease of movement, good posture, strength, balance, and flexibility. We help coach our clients to the best possible you by having and holistic approach. This means we look at all aspects of the body including breathing, sleep, thoughts, movement, nutrition and stress.

Our certified trainers are dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced, and will customise an integrated introduction and fitness program to fit your needs at our Pilates gym.

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If you would like further information on all of the classes we offer, advice on choosing the correct plan for you, or if you would like a tour of the Pilates studio - please get in touch.

A few words from our clients

We work hard to ensure we offer a service which is second to none. Our reputation is very important to us – below are just a few comments from previous clients.

I am really loving having access to such a range of activities during lockdown. So far I have tried yogalates, rise and shine, Garuda mat work, and tone and sculpt. I love the fact that you create a completely different workout for each session each week. It’s always different and always a full on work out. I have wanted to try Pilates, and make my yoga practice more regular for many years. These virtual Matwork sessions are awesome and I would love it if you could somehow offer these once we come out of lockdown.

Liza Alhadad

I am really enjoying these online classes. I missed attending Nisha’s classes when I relocated to Scotland so I jumped at the opportunity of online classes when these were advertised. I now attend far more classes than I did before the lockdown which surely is one silver lining.

Zoey Wheddon
Just to let you know how much I am enjoying your Pilates classes! Since having to close my business they are the only structure I have to the week at the moment and have become a real hilight. Living alone at a time like this can be mentally challenging, and I feel your little community is helping me take the edge off the solidarity. I’ve never been inclined to exercise at home before and I’m surprised to find how quickly the hour flies by! I feel your classes are keeping on top of my posture and keeping me aligned, meaning I will hopefully be fit and ready for the manic time ahead when I reopen the salon, so thank you so much for your efforts.
Lisa Jennings
I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful initiative of the online Yoga/Pilates/Garuda classes each evening. I find that Zoom works very well and, apart from when the furniture gets in the way, it’s very easy to follow your instructions because you speak slowly and clearly. I really look forward to joining the class each evening. Keep up the good work!
Graham Williams