Apparatus Memberships

4 Week Discovery

  • Four 60 minute semi-private sessions over a period of two months.
  • Bonuses: * One free guest pass (£30 Value), * One free online 7 day course (£19.99 Value)

12 Week Kickstart

  • Twelve 60 minute semi-private sessions over a period of three months.
  • Bonuses: * Two free guest passes (£60 Value), * One free online 7 day course (£19.99 Value)

6 Month Wellbeing

  • Twenty four 60 minute semi-private sessions over a period of six months.
  • Bonuses: * Three free guest passes (£90 Value), * One free online 7 day course (£19.99 Value), * Two free E-books (£20 Value), * One free workbook on Goals + Legacy (£14.99 Value), * Monthly Zoom Call – Q&A (£120 Value)

12 Month Optimal Result

  • Forty eight 60 minute semi-private sessions over a period of twelve months.
  • Bonuses: * Four free guest passes (£120 Value),* Two free online 7 day courses (£39.98 Value), * Two free E-books (£20 Value), * One free workbook on Goals + Legacy (£14.99 Value), * Monthly Zoom call – Q&A (£240 Value)

Semi-private Apparatus Class Packs

1 Semi-private Class

  • 1 60 minute session over a period of 6 months.

4 Semi-private Class Pack

  • 4 60 minute sessions over a period of two months.
  • Bonuses: * 1 Free Guest Pass (£30 Value), * 1 Free online 7 day course (£19.99 Value)

12 Semi-private Class Pack

  • 12 60 minute sessions over a period of 3 months.
  • Bonuses: * 2 Free Guest Passes (£60 Value), * 1 Free online 7 day course (£19.99 Value)

24 Semi-private Class Pack

  • 24 60 minute sessions over a period of 6 months.
  • Bonuses: * 3 Free Guest Passes (£90 value), * 1 Free online 7 day course (£19.99 Value), * 2 Free E-books (£20 Value), * 1 Free Workbook on Goals + Dreams (£14.99 Value), * Monthly Zoom Call – Q&A (£120 Value)

48 Semi-private Class Pack

  • 48 60 minute sessions over a period of 12 months.
  • Bonuses: * 4 Free Guest Passes (£120 Value), * 2 Free online 7 day courses (£39.98 Value), * 2 Free E-books (£20 Value), * 1 Free Workbook on Goals + Dreams (£14.99 Value), * Monthly Zoom Call – Q&A (£240 Value)

The Garuda difference – First Garuda studio in the NorthWest

New Garuda sling, fuseladder/towers apparatus semi private sessions

New Garuda reformer/tower apparatus – We will be offering shared semi private sessions (minimum 2 people , maximum 4 people). This is to enforce that clients are working in safe environment (UK government guidelines).

All clients are required to book a consultation or do a 4 week beginners course prior to joining clinical, core and Garuda apparatus. This ensures you are in the right programme for you, most importantly are you are safe, and that you know how to adjust and change springs and slings on the Fuse ladder.

Price packages 

One drop in semi private shared class apparatus (Garuda sling, fuse ladder, Ladder barrel, pulley tower & stability chair) £30

Drop in face to face mat-work – £10

Virtual matwork – £7.99 per session

One to one 40 minute session £40

We take you through all the basic movement patterns and planes of the body using small props and large apparatus. This way you get an understanding of the way your body moves. You also learn how to use our STOTT V2Max reformer machines and spacing in class.  

One to one 60 minute session £60

We add on from the 40-minute private by challenging you on a variety of equipment plus ensuring that you experience a taste of every class and piece of equipment on our timetable.  We take you through Paul Cheks primal movement patterns and start the lesson with a postural analysis. You also build up your repertoire of movement patterns. One to one £60, one to two £70 


4 hours ‘Get out of pain – The Real McCoy’ Full kinetic chain assessment

  • The Real McCoy Movement Analysis Programme leaves no stone unturned, comprising a four-stage program and assessment. This is for clients who need someone to look at the root course of their symptoms and who are also able to provide them with an advanced program designed to help achieve their goals and expectations. Suitable for everyone from professional athletes and yoga teachers to office workers and pain clinic clients. We pride ourselves by taking on challenging patients that other clinics have struggled with or have failed to help.
  • This is for those clients who have tried every health practitioner, used prescription medication and may have spent a small fortune, even having operations that have not improved their quality of life, or have been referred from a hospital pain clinic. You will have suffered from pain or a medical condition for over 12 months and have constantly been treated for symptoms rather than the cause. Your condition could be anything, including (but not limited to) sciatica, prolapsed discs, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, MS, IBS, addiction, inflammation (cancer, arthritis, bursitis, etc.) to a hip replacement.  
  • We spend time taking you through a series of CHEK assessments and questionnaires which look at your lifestyle, including gastrointestinal (food patterns), liver, endocrine, glucose regulation, cardiovascular, mood, immune system, urological, musculoskeletal, CNS, motor – skills and brain. We also assess your sleep, hydration, nutrition and movement. Any stress you are under including hormonal, environmental and/or physical is also taken into account, including any fungus and/or parasites that may be present.
  • We take you through a full postural analysis (static and dynamic), including spinal measurements. As the quality of our tissues depends on the quality of our movement, we work with you as you, the client, will know what feels right for your body and together we evaluate what needs to be stretched and strengthened. We then take you through some more physical tests gently moving the body through flexion, extension and rotation as we learn what blockages and barriers have built up to avoid or cause pain. We include Hippocrates and CHEK principles of Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Happiness.  
  • We also measure your spine and then photograph you on a chart so you can see clearly where you are and where you need to go, and finally we take you through a series of 8 core tests.  

The four stages are S.O.A.P:   

  1. Subjective: We look at a full subjective assessment including chronological order of events, current symptoms, location of pain, positions of comfort, time of day or night, previous treatments and their results, if any.
  2. Objective: We then do an objective assessment, what you did in our session e.g. evaluation or stretching or exercise programme, measurements including length tension relationships.
  3. Assessment: We then follow with an assessment of what we think is wrong or suspect to be the problem. We take clients through infant development to primal movement patterns and over 50 length tension relationships.
  4. Plan: A personally designed treatment plan, any associated external referrals we think will be of benefit and nutrition and metabolic typing. You will then have your own four-month advanced designed schedule put together containing six programmes, three corrective stretch and mobility and three periodization tables. Clients get their own videos of the exercise variables and this will take an hour to go through the programme design. You book this hour at a later date while we put the programme together for you.

The four-month plan is then taught in your six or twelve month one to one program. This ensures that your technique is there, you have the coaching facilities to reach your goals/targets and most importantly that you are held accountable.

We also assess: 

  • Health History  
  • Metabolic Typing (discovers an individual’s macro-nutrient ratios: carbs to proteins to fats)  
  • Comprehensive Health Appraisal (discovers imbalances in the body’s systems: muscular, hormonal, limbic)  
  • Lifestyle Evaluation (discovers what external stressors a client has and how it is affecting their bodies systems, i.e. stress stimulates sympathetic nervous system=poor digestion among other things)  
  • Physiological Load and Daily Readiness Assessments (discovers the amount of stress in musculoskeletal, hormonal, and limbic systems and what strategies will reduce and bring about a healthy balance)  
  • Food and Sleep Diary (establishing eating habits, food intolerances and discovering circadian rhythms)  
  • Digestive Health (processed foods, sugar, flour and dehydration, i.e. is your digestive system healthy or do you have a fungal or parasitic infection?)  
  • If needed: toxic home/office checklist, gluten, candida questionnaire, neurotransmitter questionnaire, food intolerances, metabolic lab testing on detoxification pathways 

CNHC registration 

Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council registration is recognised for reimbursement with a number of private health cash plan providers.  This means that clients who are members of the relevant plans can claim for the cost of the treatments outlined here, when they visit CNHC registered complementary therapists. 

To view the providers recognised by CNHC registration for reimbursement click the link below:

It is essential that clients check their coverage before committing to or paying for treatments if they want to apply for reimbursement of fees.