Semi Private Classes – Bespoke Pilates Reformer Classes/Pilates equipment for Duets or trios.

semi private sessionsAs well as our private Pilates Equipment classes, we also run semi private Circuit and Pilates Reformer classes for up to three people.

Semi private Pilates equipment classes offer a more personal workout than can be given in group classes at a better price than can be offered for our private classes. Circuit or Pilates Reformer classes can be split between two to three people.

“I’ve been going to the North West Pilates Centre for 2 years. I have knee and back problems or rather I should say I had knee and back problems. These have now completely gone. I now have neither. I can see the difference too. My stomach is a low flatter and not only this I really enjoy the class. The size if the class is ideal and you get the help you need. I would definitely recommend the classes.”
Sarah Jane Wagner, Client
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