We have created a space where people can enjoy learning about their bodies in a safe and inspiring environment; one in which they feel comfortable to explore movement possibilities in a curious, expressive and creative way.

We are unique that we offer CHEK corrective exercise alongside our Pilates. A CHEK Practitioner (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist) looks at the body as a complete entity, in which all parts of the body work together. This type of core fitness training strives to correct the inevitable imbalances in our posture and strength caused by day-to-day living.

The CHEK Practitioner helps to achieve a fully functional, strong, healthy, PAIN-FREE body. The process involves acute attention to detail regarding proper movement technique, extensive physical evaluations, and subsequent individualised exercise programs.

Our Studio honours Joseph Pilates’ grand vision of a revolutionary movement practice while recognizing it’s expansive and evolutionary potential.We have been offering mat and apparatus classes in private, semi-private and small group formats since 2000 in St.Helens.  Our goal is to assist clients in reaching their full movement potential.

The benefits of CHEK Corrective exercise and Rehabilitation include:

  • Improve core stability and muscle balance
  • Promote spinal and joint health, treat low back pain
  • Enhance fitness and athletic performance
  • Increase balance and flexibility and posture
  • Reduce pain, muscle tension and alleviate stress
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Promote healthy aging

We would love the opportunity to speak to you...

If you would like further information on all of the classes we offer, advice on choosing the correct plan for you, or if you would like a tour of the Pilates studio - please get in touch.
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