The pilates for physios programme pioneers the link between the evolving research on stabilisation training and the traditional pilates work.

physiosThe STOTT PILATES V2 Max Plus™ leads the way in modifying pilates for physiotherapists, by building its programme “from the ground up” and distilling the many variations of the traditional pilates repertoire into key components and developing a logical sequence of research based application to deal with injuries and rehabilitation.

Facilitation of stabilisation training is a key component and movement quality emphasised over strength.

A big component of sports rehabilitation involves a stretching and pilates exercise routine. Stretching assists the muscles shortened by injury or pain to regain its normal length to optimize pain-free motion. Pilates exercise routines encompass things like strength, endurance, flexibility and balance to improve performance. The final progression of the pilates exercise routine is the utilization of functional exercises to help return the athlete to his former performance level. Functional exercises are often sport-specific.

Athletic trainers often can supply immediate intervention of an injury. They can also be an integral part of the healing process and the prevention of further injury. A massage therapist can supply the manual techniques to assist in the recovery of movement as well as the pain relief required for optimal participation in the sport.

STOTTPILATES offers a variety of Physio quakification for more info.

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