Ladan Mofakham

Ladan Mofakham
I have always had a major interest in Sports and fitness such as tennis, mountain climbing and dance besides healthy nutrition.

Practicing Pilates for over 10 years now has greatly proved to me no matter what particular sports and fitness background you are coming from, Pilates is an essential and excellent form of exercise which can massively help with your performance both physically and mentally. I would love to transfer my passion for Pilates through teaching it on 1-1 or group basis both mat work and Pilates equipment.

To date my qualifications include:

Advanced Pilates Instructor Level 3

Mbodies Pilates Reformer and Pilates equipment instructor

N.A.S.M (National Academy of Sports Medicine 2011)

Personal Trainer REPS Level 3

Nutrition advisor,  weight loss specialist and currently working towards Masters degree in

MSc Sports and Nutrition Science at University of Chester.

Attended seminars

Gore Bioscience Seminar (2014, Royal Society of Medicine),

Ashley Kalym Mastering bodyweight Exercises seminar (2014)

ART Seminar with Heather Pearson (2014)

Bikini competition seminar with Nina Ross and Menno Henselman (2015, Cybex International, UK)

Will Fleming Olympic Lifting seminar (2015, UK).


We would love the opportunity to speak to you...

If you would like further information on all of the classes we offer, advice on choosing the correct plan for you, or if you would like a tour of the Pilates studio - please get in touch.
Ladan Mofakham
Ladan Mofakham
Ladan Mofakham
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