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Whatever your age, level of fitness, or amount of Pilates experience you’ve had, there is a programme to suit you.We recommend a minimum of two sessions per week to see and feel the benefits and pricing is structured to help you achieve this level of attendance. All courses must be pre booked and pre paid, numbers are limited to ensure specialist teaching. We have a choice of CHEK holistic lifestyle coaching, Pilates matwork and Pilates large equipment classes.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Not to be confused with standard gym pilates or reformer pilates classes. We offer unique, bespoke approach to achieving core strength, rehabilitation, balance and flexibility using the V2 Max Reformer and other equipment.
  • The V2 max Reformer offers a functional approach to every day life by using the front and back of the machine and working on more bi-ped daily movements.
  • State of the art luxury private facility proving an excellent training environment, offering specific myofascial methods not found in other commercial studios, gyms or training pilates studios.
  • Challenging and versatile sequences that deliver amazing results, keeping your movement patterns fresh and effective.
  • Nothing left to chance – all clients are admitted to our session through a choice of consultations so we can achieve your goals and expectations.
  • We are here to train, not here to drain. if you are looking to reduce inflammation in the body and perhaps loose weight. The last thing you want is more stress in the body. Stress is stress at a cellular level and the body cannot tell the difference between a high intensity exercise or a divorce. The bodies response to stress is to release more hormones one in particular being cortisol. Balance your cortisol and you will balance your life.
  • You would expect to pay a bit more at Marks and Spencer than you would at Asda. You are paying for results and a premium product rather than quick fix classes or solutions.
  • You would expect to travel for something special and unique , hence we are not on every street corner and would require you to come to us and make a commitment in order to see results.
Course Start Date for Clinical Equipment Sessions Number of sessions Price
On the 1st of every month 4 reformer multi-equipment sessions plus unlimited mat and Garuda yoga sessions. Email for details
Course Start Date for Mat Work/ Garuda Yoga Number of sessions Price
Monday 10th April 6 Email for details
Monday 12th June 6 Email for details


Pilates matwork takes place at St Helens United Reform Church and includes small equipment e.g. mini ball, magic circle and bands, you need to bring a Yoga mat and bottle of water.

CHEK holistic lifestyle coaching, corrective exercise  and pilates equipment classes take place in small group personal training sessions at 46 Claughton Street, St Helens. The large equipment classes  involve Cadillac, V2Max STOTPILATES Rehab Reformer and Barrels. Please email for more details. All class sessions are limited to spaces and must be pre booked and pre paid. 24hr cancelation must be given on all sessions, classes are non transferable and non refundable. Please read our Terms and Conditions

Private session details

Every single one of us is different , right from our metabolic typing , to body type, to our muscular strength and endurance. We recommend that everyone who comes to the studio enters through a private session to ensure that we are reaching your goals and expectations, we can then guide you and help you to achieve them.

120 min ‘Get out of pain – Full Monty’

The ‘Get out of pain- Full Monty’ is for those clients which have tried every health practitioner going and have spent a small fortune prescriptive drugs and possibly even had operations or been referred from the hospital pain clinic. You will of suffered from pain or a medical condition for over a year and have constantly been treated for symptoms rather than looking at the cause. Your condition can be anything from sciatica, prolapsed disc, ME, MS, IBS, addiction, inflammation(cancer, arthritis, bursitis, etc) to a hip replacement. Click here to find out more

We spend time taking you through a series of CHEK assessments and questionnaires which look at your lifestyle including gastrointestinal, liver, endocrine. glucose regulation, cardio vascular, mood, immune system, urological, musculoskeletal,CNS and brain. Your sleep, hydration, nutrition, fungus and parasites, movement, stress ( hormonal, environmental, physical) are taken into account too.

We take you through a full postural analysis including spinal measurements and evaluate what needs to be stretched and strengthened in the body. We then take you some more tests gently moving the body through flexion, extension and rotation as we learn blockages and barriers have built up to avoid or cause pain. Including Hippocrates and CHEK principles of Dr.Diet, Dr.Quiet, Dr.movement and Dr. Happiness.

90 minute full MOT private

The quality of our tissues will depend on the quality of our movement. Our 90 min program not only takes you through a postural analysis, but we assess you on static and dynamic posture as you move through a series of exercises. You the client will know what feels right for your body and we will both understand what needs to be stretched, strengthened and areas of weakness.This includes a full CHEK assessment on your sleep, hydration, fungus and parasites, food patterns of what and when you eat and stress levels. We also measure your spine and then photograph you on a chart so you can see clearly where you are and where you need to go, and finally we take you through a series of 8 core tests. Click here to watch a consultation.

60 minute private

We add on from the 30 minute private by challenging you on a variety of equipment plus ensuring that you experience a taste of every class and piece of equipment on our timetable. You also build up your repertoire of movement patterns.

30 minute private

We take you through all the basic movement patterns and planes of the body using small props and large apparatus. This way you get an understanding of the way your body moves. You also learn how to use our STOTT V2Max reformer machines and spacing in class.

CNHC registration

CNHC registration is recognised for reimbursement with a number of private health cash plan providers. This means that clients who are members of the relevant plans can claim for the cost of the treatments outlined here, when they visit CNHC registered complementary therapists. Cancellation Policy.


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