Joseph Pilates originally intended for all clients to use all the studio equipment.

We need to associate our moves with our everyday life and keep our actions functional. So rather than lying on a Reformer bed for an hour, we have created a diverse multi plane sequence involving the three planes;

  • Sagittal
  • Frontal
  • Transverse

By using all the equipment clients will get a more balanced programme and also understand the essence of Joseph Pilates intentions. You will learn to understand your body better and enhance your motor skills.

Clients will use the Reformer, Cadillac and  small Barrels progressing to large Barrel and Stability chair .


We would love the opportunity to speak to you...

If you would like further information on all of the classes we offer, advice on choosing the correct plan for you, or if you would like a tour of the Pilates studio - please get in touch.
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